Vision, Financial Health, and Quality

Over the next five years, we will cultivate and sustain a vision and mission-focused community, operate a financially stable and efficient organization while fostering quality standards

Notable Achievements

Sustain the Vision

  • Strategic Plan Developed: Working document approved—Implementing
  • CIU Vision and Mission integrated in all marketing content
  • Brand standardization across campuses, websites, documents etc.
  • Increased visibility: Social Media, Website updated, Classes and walls

Sustain Financial Health

  • Resource Mobilization Strategy in Place
  • Data-driven recruitment and enrollment goals foster budgeting and finance forecasting
  • Up to date on Loan repayments
  • UP to date on Salary payments
  • Increased number of grants 

Sustain Quality Standards

  • Adherence to NCHE QA Frameworks
  • Alumni Survey done—report available
  • Student Evaluations every semester
  • QA Policy—Draft