Resources, Strategic Partnerships, Diversification

Over the next five years, CIU will pursue growth necessary to diversify and increase resources, expanded programing and relevant strategic partnerships that will support our continued responsiveness to societal shifts and needs

Notable Achievements

Grow Resources

Identify new and diversify our revenue sources under three main components: Development Funds; Research Funds; Scholarship Funds and Tuition and Fees

  • The 1000 for 100Million Alumni Campaign Initiated
  • Secured 2,000,000 USD Funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation (Norad) for Refactory Uganda Tech Academy under SoBAT
  • Secured 5-Year NIH Grant in collaboration with Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Busitema, Kabaale, ACHEST, and Yale University. Makerere is Principal
  • Awarded the Africa Carnegie Fellowship in collaboration with University of Nevada, Reno
  • Awarded a Pfizer Grant in collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing to train 350 nurses (CPD Training)
  • Secured 21,270 USD Research Grant in collaboration with Baylor
  • Secured Research Grant in collaboration with the University of Southampton, MUST, University of Leads, University of Cambridge and Bwindi Community Hospital.
  • Robust Marketing: Marketing Officer hired
  • Collection Procedures revised (now collecting more than 90% of all tuition every semester)
  • Liaison Scholarship Officer: Managed by a committee and Counsellor
  • Flexible Payment options: Implementing

Growing Strategic Partnerships

Deliberately pursue strategic partnerships that will enhance CIU’s capacity to achieve its mission

  • Increased strategic Partnerships: 7 New (Includes Research Partners)
  • Development: Sean Clarke for investor search and engagement
  • Other: MoH, Professional Bodies


Rebrand to foster diversification of program beyond health sciences

  • Rebranded from International Health Sciences University to Clarke International University
  • Opened new School: School of Business and Applied Technology—Sobat
  • And subsequently developed new Programs as noted above
  • Established Refactory Uganda in collaboration with Fontes Foundation and Laboremus Uganda