Talent (People), Infrastructure, Systems, Programs and Culture (Values)

Over the next five years we will develop CIU to become a destination for outstanding talent. And we will enhance infrastructure, systems, programs and cultures that foster traditions of academic excellence

Notable Achievements

Developing Student

Align programs, instruction, and mentoring in accordance with the competence demands of the labour markets

  • Established a CIU Merit-Based Scholarship Program: Fifteen (15) now on the program
  • 5 Targeted Faculty Development Workshops: 2 Competency-Based Education; 2 Curriculum Development; and Instruction; 1 Tutors workshop;
  • 3 Faculty-Student Research Workshops: Data Analysis; Manuscript Writing; Literature Review
  • 4 Student Leadership Training Public Lectures
  • Institutional Ideology Courses—Ethics; Scientific Writing; Communication
  • Industry Partnerships: 12 MOU’s to foster clinical placements and internships and community outreach
  • 2 Career Professional Workshops for the graduating classes
  • Created opportunities for students to participate in community outreaches

Developing Faculty and Staff 

Position Faculty and Staff to become principal assets in achieving our vision and mission

  • 5 Targeted Faculty Development Workshops: 2 Competency-Based Education 2 Curriculum Development and Instruction; 1 Tutors workshop
  • 4 Targeted Research Workshops: Qualitative Research; Literature Review; Manuscript Writing; Data Analysis;
  • 2 Targeted ICT Integration workshops: Working with Google Suite
  • Supporting one PhD Candidate
  • Faculty Community leaders with a proven record

Develop Infrastructure

Develop a supportive infrastructure that will position CIU students, faculty and staff to foster traditions of academic excellence

  • Roadmap to Charter established
  • ICT Infrastructure: Increased bandwidth from 22mbps to 40mbps
  • New Computer Lab: Established a new computer lab for the School of Business and Applied Technology: 30 new computers
  • ICT Policy Developed; Implementing
  • ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Certification Center
  • CISCO Academy—Certification Center
  • Microsoft 4Afrika App Factory
  • Site preparation for initiation of building phase I
  • Planning permission secured from KCCA

Develop Culture

Promote a CIU culture that reflects the core values of the university

  • Visible Mission and Vision in classrooms and offices
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: Institutional Assessment done 2019
  • Rigor of performance management
  • Reward and Recognition: Every end of year; Ten Year Special

Develop Systems

Strengthen the operational effectiveness of the people and environment of CIU to deliver its mission

  • Policies and Systems: HR Manual; Staff Handbook Revised; Financial Manual; ICT Manual
  • Academic Committees
  • Student Information System (Fedena) Implementing

Develop Programs

Develop new programs to fit the market needs

  • 5 New Programs: MBA, BBA, Bachelor Applied Computing Technologies; Midwifery; Foundation in Health Sciences
  • 2 New Industry Partners for teaching and learning: Laboremus Uganda, Fontes Foundation